School Values

School Values

Our school values reflect our dual heritage as citizens of Aotearoa NZ and what our people believe is important for our children to grow and develop and for our school to treasure and sustain. Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Courage our traditional values can also be seen through te ao Maori concepts of Manaakitanga, Kaitiakitanga, Whanaungatanga, and Kotahitanga. We strongly believe in the importance of showing manaaki or respect, honesty, kindness and tolerance to one another, kaitiakitanga is our collective responsibility as caretakers of Patumahoe School to protect our traditional values, and our environment, and our people.

With this responsibility also comes courage. Whanaungatanga or belonging is about us ensuring that relationships are kept strong and that when you are a part of our school you will always belong here. Finally, kotahitanga which for us is unity and the real strength of our school. Working together for shared goals.


(​Respect, honesty, responsibility) – This refers to the values and culture of care and respect. This is one of the most important concepts for children to embrace and understand. If there is any one thing that is more important than all else it would have to be kindness, tolerance, and respect. The Lion Award, Cool Cat award, the role of student leaders, and the role and attitude our teachers show each other, as well as parents and students, is Manaaki.


Belonging, Inclusion, Community Involvement, Cultural diversity – This refers to understanding who we are and our place in the world (me, my family, my school, my community, my world) and making connections with others. Most importantly it is the sense of belonging we look to foster with each and every child and family past and present that is or has been a part of our school.


(Coherence, cohesion, high expectations) – This refers to working in unity. We are all in unison, we include one another, and we support one another. Paddling the waka in the same direction.


(Responsibility and Courage) – This refers to guardianship. Our learners and teachers as kaitiaki (guardians). All practices are for sustainability and for ensuring future students have opportunities to learn in a healthy environment. Children learn to protect and enhance the environment and treasure our past, e.g. Paddock to plate, Enviro schools, honouring our heritage and upholding school tradition.