Road Patrollers

Year 6 Road Patrol

School patrols are an essential responsibility as they help to keep other students safe on the road by controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians at pedestrian crossings.

The road patrollers operate our crossing before school from 8:00 am to 8:20 am and after school from 2:25 am until all children have left the school. The road patrol members extend STOP signs onto the road in both directions, which signal approaching drivers to stop. Once the traffic is slowing or has stopped, the patrol signals to waiting for pedestrians that it’s safe to cross the road.

Each duty patrol comprises two students (with one designated as the leader) and a supervising adult.

Before a school patrol can operate, all team members need to have been trained by a police school community officer, and supervisors inducted on the procedures.

It’s important to have the right students on your school patrol team – they are role models for other students and responsible for ensuring the safety of others.

Our students have been chosen because they demonstrate that they…………

  • are reliable and punctual
  • are comfortable about, and confident in, making decisions
  • have demonstrated good judgment
  • can concentrate on their tasks
  • take their responsibilities seriously
  • will turn up for duty on time, every time
  • are willing and physically able to do the job safely (for example, to carry and maneuver signs, make themselves heard, and are eager to do the job and manage other students firmly and respectfully).