Pink Brigade


  • That children who are lonely in the playground have a safe and risk free option of children to go to for company and potential friendship guidance.
  • That the Pink Brigade are role models to others to remind them that we should be aware of others and look out for children who look lonely or confused. We should often look past our friendship groups.
  • That in isolated cases the PB can be responsible for certain individuals at play and lunchtimes and directly impact on their feeling of self worth and belonging.
  • PB’s will not enter into discussions involving gossip. PB’s will not contribute to negative discussion with peers.
  • That the PB will always say yes to anyone who wants to play with them.
  • That the PB is vigilant towards issues in the playground, specifically loneliness.
  • When we sit to eat, we consider others FIRST. Chn sitting on their own to eat is unacceptable.

Pink Brigaders 2021

Pink Brigade, Patumahoe School