House Leaders

Every student who enrols at Patumahoe School is put into a house colour. The houses are used for sports events, behaviour and school work and the points are allocated to the student’s house. When sporting/swimming events are held the students are asked to dress up in their house colour. Points are accumulated throughout the year for each house and the winning house receives the house shield at the end of year prizegiving.



House Leaders:
  • Ruby 

  • Oliver 

Vice House Leaders
  • Sophie 

  • Trent 



House Leaders:
  • Sienna 

  • Cooper 

Vice House Leaders:
  • Lanie 

  • Ryan 



House Leaders:
  • Khloe 

  • Alex 

Vice House Leaders:
  • Adelayde 

  • Zac 



House Leaders:
  • Charlie 

  • Locky 

Vice House Leaders:
  • Elena 

  • Ray