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Patumahoe School

Kia ora koutou

Nau mai haere mai ki te kura o Patumahoe. Patumahoe School is a large semi-rural
primary school situated in the attractive village of Patumahoe, 10 kilometres northwest
of Pukekohe in the Franklin District of Auckland city. We are a contributing school so we
educate pupils between Years 1-6. The majority of our leavers go on to Pukekohe

The school was established in 1866 and boasts attractive and spacious grounds with
large mature native trees, hard court areas, playing fields, covered heated swimming pool
and three adventure playgrounds.

The school has a Ministry enrolment policy in place to monitor and control roll

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Our Vision and Values

Home, Patumahoe School

Our school values reflect our dual heritage as citizens of Aotearoa NZ and what our people believe is important for our children to grow and develop and for our school to treasure and sustain. Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Courage our traditional values can also be seen through te ao Maori concepts of Manaakitanga, Kaitiakitanga, Whanaungatanga, and Kotahitanga.

We strongly believe in the importance of showing manaaki or respect, honesty, kindness and tolerance to one another, kaitiakitanga is our collective responsibility as caretakers of Patumahoe School to protect our traditional values, our environment, and our people. With this responsibility also comes courage. Whanaungatanga or belonging is about us ensuring that relationships are kept strong and that when you are a part of our school you will always belong here. Finally kotahitanga which for us is unity and the real strength of our school. Working together for shared goals.

Home, Patumahoe School

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Fri Oct 22 09:27am

Today is the last day for diaries, photos and videos to be submitted for our online calf club.

Please ensure diaries are put into the box by the bus bay gate – no later than 2.25pm.



Message from the Board of Trustees

Fri Oct 22 07:00am

Good morning families 

The latest government announcements pertaining to schooling in Auckland and the subsequent delay to the return to school as well as mandatory vaccination and testing requirements for school employees is new and complex ground. The board of trustees are working closely with the senior leadership team to make sense of it all. We understand how challenging a time this is for our families and not least the children. However, the measures the government is putting in place and will continue to put in place are there to ensure the safety of your children and our staff. Whilst an actual return to school date is still unknown, we believe a detailed plan will be announced by cabinet next Tuesday the 26th of October.

The leadership team has indicated some concerns about our current level 3 schooling situation. This particular restart to level 3 schooling has seen a very high and unexpected number of pupils returning to school. This has come as a surprise and is also presenting a number of challenges. The current surge in numbers and the day-to-day variance in numbers has meant that the school has had to increase the number of bubbles (only 10 children per bubble). This has meant that we need more teachers onsite and as such our staffing is at a critical level. Furthermore, the requirement for more teachers onsite has meant the balance of programme delivery is starting to change. Distance learning (online) programmes are now being impacted with teachers being drawn away from facilitating these and having to supervise children at school.

According to the Ministry of Education “at Alert Level 3 parents and caregivers should, where they can, keep their children at home”. The MoE goes into more detail by outlining the following:

At Alert Level 3, more businesses and services are open (not just essential services) and some parents and caregivers will have to leave home in order to go to work. In these cases, any child who can’t be supervised at home by an appropriate person, needs to be able to attend school. Schools must be open for these children to attend. Distance learning will need to be provided for all students who are off-site including those required to self-isolate and those individuals who health authorities have asked to stay away while waiting for a test result.

We understand that household situations may have changed with the extension of the lockdown, but if they have not changed since term 3, we urge careful consideration of the above Ministry of Education statements. If you have other options available to you that can keep your child at home, please utilise them.

As has been the case over previous lockdowns, please reach out to your child/s teacher if you need further resources for use at home, questions and or comments.



Patumahoe School Board of Trustees


Wed Oct 20 10:04am

Don’t forget all diaries for pets, chickens, dogs, beans & technology are all due into school by this Friday 22nd October. Drop of into box by the gate at the bus bay between 8.30am and 2.15pm.

All photos and videos are also due in by Friday 22nd October please email to . If you are unable to send through email please send a message to the above email address and Shelley will send you another way you can do this.

If any families still have trophies at home can you please drop into the box with the diaries before Friday.





Mon Oct 18 12:31pm

Hi everyone

If you ordered scholastic book club last term you can come and collect your order from the staffroom deck between 9am and 2pm this week.

Also Scholastic have a digital catalogue this term you can view online and order. Orders will be sent to your home address free of charge. 

We have a number of new uniform pieces that have been ordered by parents. You may come in and pick up from the staffroom deck also.

VIRTUAL CALF CLUB updated information

Thu Oct 14 12:58pm

Good afternoon everybody

In light of the latest government announcement and the subsequent delays to a return to school as well as volunteer vaccination requirements. We have made the decision to make Calf Club virtual this year and not on school grounds.

Please read the notice below to see how to enter.

View PDF


Update on Level 3 schooling

Wed Oct 13 09:35am

Kia ora everybody

Monday’s government announcement was a big one. The decision has been made to delay the start of term 4 as the Auckland region will remain at Alert Level 3 for another week. Cabinet will review this decision on Monday 18 October. The most notable announcement is the mandatory vaccination and testing of all education workers. From 1 January 2022, schools and early learning services and providers will need to ensure only vaccinated staff and support personnel have contact with children and students.

However, from now until that date all school staff who work in schools and kura in Auckland and other Alert Level 3 regions are required to have returned a weekly negative COVID-19 test result before they can return to working on site. This is regardless of their vaccination status. Once staff have returned a negative test, those that are already fully vaccinated are not required to undergo weekly testing

So during level 3 schooling we may have staff working who are not fully vaccinated, but they will have a negative COVID-19 test result. In compliance with the Privacy Act, at no point will the school be disclosing the vaccination or testing status of any individual staff members to the public.

1. Whilst Auckland remains at level 3 school is open for children who need to attend. At level 3 schools are only open for essential workers, who have no alternative caregiver option. Alternative caregiving options could be a parent working from home, an older sibling, grandparent, extended family member or friend who are in your bubble.  

2. Distance learning will commence from Monday the 18th of October. 

3. Children under 12 years of age remain exempted from wearing face coverings. 

4. If a child or staff member is sick, they should stay home. 

5. Pick ups and drop offs

-Face coverings must be worn, and physical distancing measures retained
-Scan in using the QR codes on the school entrances
-You are allowed to come onto school grounds for drop off and collection. 
-Drop off at 8.20am and collect your child at 2.30pm
-Parents, whānau and caregivers are not required to be vaccinated or tested in order to pick up or drop off children. 

6. Fundamental public health measures continue to apply 

-Physical distancing of one metre inside and two metres outside at Alert Level 3. 
-Hand hygiene. 
-Cough and sneeze etiquette. 
-Regularly cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces (daily at Alert Level 3). 

Alert level 3 schooling entails the following:

– Children will be in bubbles of 10 max

– Children will be mixed year level and in most cases will be with a different teacher than they usually have

– Distance learning programmes which they currently are engaged in will be the basis for their learning whilst at school

– Teachers onsite will not be facilitating their own classes distance learning whilst onsite as they will be supervising a bubble class

-Playgrounds are closed

-Children will need their own named water bottles

-Any child who presents symptoms of illness must not attend school

– Physical distancing measures of 1m indoors and 2m outdoors 

– Parents must drop off at 8.20am and collect their child at 2.30pm. It is imperative that you scan in using the QR codes on the school entrances and wear face masks whilst on school grounds. You are allowed to come onto school grounds for drop off and collection.

We need the families who require school to let us know by 4pm Thursday the 14th of October then each subsequent school day if your home situation changes.

You can do this by text message with the following information to 0273363802 

Family name:

Children’s name:

Date of day (s) attending:


Kind regards

Jade Tawhiti




Latest announcement

Mon Oct 11 04:45pm

Kia ora everybody

Firstly, I must express my shock and disappointment with the fact that we will not be back at school next Monday. I really feel for our children and school families. 

This announcement has caught us by surprise and I will be spending time tomorrow meeting with the school leadership team and BOT working out the details of what this latest announcement actually means.

I know you will have many questions so I intend to send out a detailed communication on Wednesday morning. So please standby for that.

Kindest regards

Jade Tawhiti



Thu Oct 07 03:23pm

Don’t forget to get your entries in for the best dressed animal competition.

Flyer attached.



Virtual Assembly

Fri Oct 01 02:00pm

Thank you to all our Patumahoe whanau! Take the next 2 weeks to recharge and relax and we will hopefully be seeing you day 1 term 4. Here is the link to the virtual assembly to finish off the term. Arohanui

Virtual Assembly Link


Fri Oct 01 10:45am

Please see PDF below for all the details for Best Dressed Competition.

Looking forward to seeing your creations.



Fri Oct 01 10:33am

Just a reminder regarding the Pet, Chicken & Dog Diaries – these are due into school on MONDAY 18TH OCTOBER. There will be labelled boxes for these at the front door of the school office. 

Bean & Technology diaries are to come into school with the project on TUESDAY 26TH OCTOBER NOT ON Monday 18th.

We will send out a more indepth information sheet on times etc for the animals, beans and technology in the first week back of school (fingers crossed we are in Level 2). 

Will be sending a flyer regarding Best Dressed Pet competition so keep your eyes out for that also.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back at school.


Wed Sep 29 12:06pm

CALF CLUB notices

Thu Sep 23 09:28am

Good morning everybody

See attached important notices from the PTA and Calf Club committee. These include a timetable for Calf Club week. 

View PDF

View PDF

View PDF

Have a nice day

Newsletter available for viewing

Wed Sep 22 01:04pm

Calf Club 2021 dates confirmed

Tue Sep 21 11:25am

Kia ora everybody

We have confirmed the dates for this year’s Calf Club. The event will be running over a few days this year. The dates for the event are the 26th – 29th of October which is Tuesday to Friday of week 2 next term. It will be a scaled down event with minimal stalls and priority placed on the animals. With that in mind we would like to thank our very generous sponsors who have made a commitment to support the event despite all the challenges. See the sponsor list attached.

A full timetable will be sent shortly outlining which days and times the various animal categories are running on.

A final reminder that if you wish to withdraw your animal. Please email no later than 3pm next Friday the 1st of October .

View PDF

On a final note I would like to sincerely thank the PTA and Calf Club committee for their incredible organisation behind the scenes.

Have a nice day


Return to Alert level 3

Mon Sep 20 06:18pm

20th of September 2021

So we will be moving back to level 3 at 11.59pm tomorrow night which means school will be operating at Alert Level 3 from Wednesday the 22nd of September until the end of this term.

At level 3 schools are only open for essential workers, who have no alternative caregiver option. Alternative caregiving options could be a parent working from home, an older sibling, grandparent, extended family member or friend who are in your bubble.  

Alert level 3 schooling entails the following:

– Children will be in bubbles of 10 max

– Children will be mixed year level and in most cases will be with a different teacher than they usually have

– Distance learning programmes which they currently are engaged in will be the basis for their learning whilst at school

– Teachers onsite will not be facilitating their own classes distance learning whilst onsite as they will be supervising a bubble class

-Playgrounds are closed

-Children will need their own named water bottles

-Any child who presents sytpoms of illness must not attend school

– Physical distancing measures of 1m indoors and 2m outdoors 

– Parents must drop off at 8.20am and collect their child at 2.30pm. It is imperative that you scan in using the QR codes on the school entrances. You are allowed to come onto school grounds for drop off and collection and we urge you to do this.

In order for our school to start preparing for the return. We need the families who require school to let us know if you have not done so already. 

You can do this by text message with the following information to 0273363802

Family name:

Children’s name:

Date of day (s) attending:


Ngā mihi,

Jade Tawhiti

Newsletter is available for viewing

Wed Sep 15 11:52am

Calf club panui

Tue Sep 14 10:10am

Morena koutou


See updated panui from the Calf Club committee

View PDF

Pukekohe Intermediate enrolment 2022

Wed Sep 08 04:19pm

Kia ora 

Please see the panui from Pukekohe Intermediate attached.

Ka kite ano

View PDF

Newsletter is available for viewing

Wed Sep 08 12:16pm

Calf Club email correction

Mon Sep 06 11:35am

The email provided on the earlier Calf Club notice was incorrect. The correct email is

We apologise for the muck up. 

View PDF


Mon Sep 06 11:27am

Hi all

Please note that the email address was incorrect in the PDF this morning for calf club withdrawls.

Correct email is:




Calf Club

Mon Sep 06 09:03am

Morena koutou

A couple of panui (see attached) regarding the Calf Club for families who have to withdraw their animal from the event. This enables adjustments with judges and programmes. Also attached is a special note thank you to our ribbon sponsors.


View PDF

View PDF

CALF CLUB update

Fri Sep 03 05:43pm

Good afternoon everybody

Just for your certainty Calf Club will be going ahead this year in some way. Whilst we cannot confirm a date yet. Expect it to be early in Week 1 or 2 of term 4.

We also understand that the rearing of animals and other Calf Club related projects may be adding unnecessary household pressure at this time. It is OKAY if your family makes the decision not to continue.

Have a nice evening and happy father’s day to all our dad’s this sunday.


Wed Sep 01 09:28am

I will try that again

Tue Aug 31 11:58am


View PDF

Calf Club Diarys

Tue Aug 31 11:54am

Please see attachment below. All dependent on Alert level reduction on the 20th of September.


Wed Aug 25 12:12pm


View PDF


Wed Aug 25 12:10pm

Calf Club Reminder – Trying again

Mon Aug 23 09:25am


Calf Club Reminder

Calf Club reminder

Mon Aug 23 08:30am


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Senior team

Wed Aug 18 12:33pm

Good morning to all parents and children in Rooms 7,8,9,10,11 & 12

Well, this is not what we expected or wanted. However we are in this situation now and there is nothing else for it but to kick into our distance learning once again and get on with it. This message is to outline the expectations of the Senior Team to all of you. This work will begin tomorrow (Thursday).

Here goes…


1. Children should be online by 9:00am everyday.
2. They must answer the Roll Doc first and everyday.
3. Children to complete 1000pts on Mathletics everyday.
4. Reading Programme – (This may vary slightly from class to class). The children are to..
– read a book aloud daily.  Read nightly before going to bed.
– Complete ReadWorks Comprehension task 
5. There will b e a writing component that will be outlined by the teacher.
6. A daily Fitness Component.
7. A weekly Family / Fun / Topic / Challenge will also be given to families to undertake.

Unfortunately the MOE has instructed that at this stage there has been No allowance for families to collect an IT device or hard pack from school. They are working on this as we speak. So at this point in time we cannot loan devices.

For those who do not have a device to complete this work will need to complete work at home as best they can until we are able to access the school and hand out chromes. If you need to borrow a device for Lockdown can you please text the school phone (number below) to request.
Teachers will be responding to children’s work daily unless they are in a bubble. (Level 3 and below only)

Teachers will respond to parent emails between 2:00 – 3:00pm daily.  

The school mobile number is 0273363802 for urgent queries.


Thanks everyone. Hope everything is back to normal soon.

Todd Williams & The Senior Team.

Year 1 and 2 Online Learning

Wed Aug 18 09:31am

Kia Ora Everyone, 

As you are aware we have gone into level 4 lockdown, The Year 1 and 2 teachers will be avaiable over your child’s seesaw app. This is where they will be posting and commenting on your child’s work for the day. Tomorrow at 8:25 they will post activities and be active online to communicate with your child through the seesaw app. School will finish at the usual time of 2:25pm, and the teachers will be available again at 8:25am the next day. Today the teachers are getting ready, filming and collecting resources, so they can get online learning all organised. So for today enjoy your whanau time, read a book and if you would like, you can always access our online learning website:

Tomorrow your teacher will be in touch with your learning activities for the day.

If you cannot get in touch with your teacher through seesaw here are the email addresses you can also use:

Mrs Jarkiewicz –

Mrs O’Flaherty –

Mrs McDowell –

Mrs Syme –

Mrs Jameson –

Mrs Fraser –

Mrs White –

Mrs West –

We hope that this will be a speedy lockdown and that we will all be back together soon. 

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini – My strength is not as an individual but as a collective.

Stay safe, look after each other and keep reading! 🙂

No school

Tue Aug 17 07:25pm

Good evening

Following the government’s latest covid 19 announcement.  Patumahoe School will be closed from tomorrow until next Wednesday (7 days).

Standby for a communication tomorrow, where teachers’ will provide information around distance learning programmes.

Take care

Jade Tawhiti 

On behalf of the Board of Trustees


Fri Aug 13 01:21pm

Good afternoon all

Whilst I do not know the $ of the highest bidder for the cake, I have been reliably informed that it is a Patty School staff member leading the way and who will remain anonymous until the auction closes at 2pm.

So with 1 hour and 40mins left of bidding for this beautiful cake, who out there is going to lay down a better marker? Put your best foot forward!

Text your bid to the school mobile 0273363802






Fri Aug 13 10:51am




Thu Aug 12 03:04pm

Tena koutou katoa

A gentle reminder that the BAKE SALE is on tomorrow. Any baking can be dropped at the hall in the morning. The actual BAKE SALE will be at 2.15pm after assembly outside the hall.

Don’t forget your money and thank you for your support. 


Thu Aug 12 10:10am




Mon Aug 09 04:46pm

Dear Patumahoe Community

We have just found out that one of our good friends has had some very bad news. William Reid was a student at our school until 2018. He was good mates with a few of the (now) Year 6’s in our school. Well, his dad is quite sick with cancer and his family are raising money for some pretty expensive treatment. They need to come up with $100,000.00. 

As we are William’s old friends, we have decided to contribute to the cause. There is a group of about 20 of us who are going to organise a bake sale and donate the money to the Reid family. We want William to know that we still remember him and that we are his mates. 

The bake sale will be this Friday (13th). The baking will be sold after assembly outside the staffroom. If you would like to help us, you could donate some baking to our stall for us to sell. We would love it if you could. Just bring in some baking on Thursday or Friday and we’ll definitely sell it on your behalf. 

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Liam Davies

Sam Fraser

Nate Williams

Zac Davies

Ben Michie

Troy Wilson 

Koen Birchall

Matt Thompson

Ben Hunter


Thu Aug 05 12:29pm

Parents if your child is doing a bean for calf club their entry must be in by tomorrow for them to receive their beans.

Beans need to be planted over the weekend for maximum growth period before calf club.

Thank you to all parents who have entered their child already please remember this needs to be done by Monday 09th August so we can organise the programme and ribbons.




Wed Aug 04 10:39am

Please complete entry form below for you child/ren’s entry for calf club.

If you are entering more than one animal or category please fill in two seperate entries.

It is COMPULSORY that every child enters at least one category, children are also expected to attend school on Calf Club Day as it is classed as a school day.

Entries close Monday 09th August



Sat Jul 31 06:37pm

Good evening all

I am so proud and excited to announce that our year 5/6 jumpjam team came first place at the Auckland Jumpjam championships today in Ellerslie. Amazing effort from our kids. Congratulations and a big thank you to Mrs Crisp and Miss Smith for their efforts with the group. 

Whilst the Year 3/4 team did not place, they performed exceptionally well.  They will be on fire next year.

Have a good evening and let’s go Blackferns

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